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Social Evolution Dataset - Data Breakdown

sensor data (temporal resolution - 6 minutes)
proximity (from Bluetooth, plus Wi-Fi RSSI to exclude dyads separated by bricks)
location label: dormitory, lab, classroom, student center, gym, restaurant, out of town, and more
call/SMS log: time with hourly resolution (or date + early morning/morning/afternoon/evening/midnight), duration, unique callee identifier (natural number).
demographics from surveys: (personal attributes)
school year (freshman, sophomore, etc.), - rehashed living sector
relationships from surveys (approximately monthly):
close friends
socializing with
sharing all Facebook photos ? sharing blog and twitter
discussing politics
diffusion of value, flu, and memes through social network
flu symptoms (daily)
BMI, weight, height, salads per week, veggies and fruits per week, meals per day, healthy diet or not, aerobic per week, sports per week, smoking or not, (monthly)
stress and emotion (monthly)
political opinions and participation during 2008 presidential election: whether interested in politics, preferred party, preferred candidate
career choice (monthly)
participation of student activity groups