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Badge Dataset - Publications and Findings

Sensible Organizations: Technology and Methodology for Automatically Measuring Organizational Behavior, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part B: Cybernetics, Author(s): Olguin, D.O. Waber, B.N. ; Taemie Kim ; Mohan, A. ; Ara, K. ; Pentland, A. , Volume: 39 , Issue: 1, Page(s): 43- 55 , Feb. 2009

Wu and collaborators showed that an employee's rate of task completion was related to not only task difficulty, but also to how many other employees he could reach within two steps of his communication network [Wu et. al., 2008]. Dong estimated the instantaneous indoor locations of the employees from Xbee RSSI and showed that the employee with the highest performance visited half of the other employees frequently in finishing his tasks, and that the employee with the lowest performance constantly remained in his own workspace [Dong et. al., 2012b].